scope of services

attractions & activities


Joining leisure to business has become a valuable and vital need. Being in a foreign country while doing business or attending a conference should not stop anyone to take advantage and look into living the country, discovering it, knowing about its history, people, folklore, traditions and local cuisine.


Wherever you are planning your event, be it a big city or an exotic place, whether in summer or in winter, we will offer you a wide selection of attractions and a variety of activities for you to  choose  the


most convenient and the most appealing, meeting your guests preferences and yours.


The selected activities start from the classical tours and entertainment to exciting adventures.


After exploring and checking the touristic and attraction potential that the destination has to offer, Planners and Partners will arrange packages accordingly.



classical tours


Archeological & City Tours

Planners and Partners can look into offering a wide selection of guided tours to the destinations’ most attractive and popular archeological sites, city tours to let you feel the charm of the city and museum visits to help you learn about the history of the country. The tours will be guided by specialized tour leaders to make sure that guests will get all the interesting information.



Whether in malls or open air souks go on a shopping spree in trendy and fashionable boutiques or buy some nice and beautiful souvenirs, during a scheduled shopping day, guests can spend good time without feeling tired.


Eat Out

Food is part of any country’s landmarks. Whether choosing a simple or a five stars restaurant, in popular areas or fancy places, the dining experience remains a unique opportunity for the guests to taste the local and genuine cuisine of the country.


outdoor summer activities



Evade the business atmosphere, put your walking boots on, bring your camera and enjoy a hiking day in a natural environment. Guided by professional hikers, it is your chance to enjoy fresh and clean air and view exceptional sceneries. Learn about ecology, fauna and flora, discover regions and get to know about their history and habits. Have lunch in the middle of nature or in a simple restaurant with local food and come back at the end of the day with a handful of good memories and filled with great energy.



ATV Tours guided by professional guides and specifically designated for off road lovers. Crossing mountains and hills, driving through forests and reaching no man’s lands will get your adrenaline high and will let you experience the feeling of total freedom, far from everything, away from daily routines and crowds.


outdoor winter activities



Bring only your skiing suit and we will provide you with the necessary skiing equipments. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, instructors will make you discover the pleasure of skiing on fresh snow and real mountain slopes. To end the day in a warm and relaxing mood, an après-ski break with a well deserved gourmet meal will be served to skiers after a long and enjoyable snow white day.



Snowshoeing is an activity that involves walking on the snow. It is considered as a great work out and an alternative winter activity for people who do not like skiing. Easy to learn and simple to practice, with the snowshoes you can access to outstanding beautiful mountain tops on trails full of snow. Bring a camera, a hat, sun cream and put warm clothes on and experience an extraordinary day in the nature.



Snowmobile adventure tours are fun and exciting. Experienced guides will drive you over white mountains and through deep valleys taking you to places that no one can reach on skis or snowshoes. It is a driving experience that brings you great pleasure and unforgettable moments.