scope of services

Pre event Planning & Assistance

assist the client in creating and planning the event

From the beginning, Planners and Partners will assist and take the necessary time to study and completely understand the type of event that the client wishes to hold. Preliminary brainstorming, questions and answers with the client will help us determine the event goals and breadth, the services needed and other client’s concerns.



choose the venue that fits the event requirements

Choosing the right hotel or venue for a meeting or an event is one of the most critical and delicate tasks. Once the meeting or event specifications are set, Planners and Partners will start the site selection process counting on the expertise and the good contacts built with hotels or event venues, search and inspect the adequate meeting space that meets the requirements, negotiate contracts, terms and conditions, favorable rates and discounts that fall within the budget allocated.



negotiate deals with service provider companies

Negotiating contracts with vendors and suppliers require a lot of time, effort and industry know-how. The client often finds lack of expertise and time restrictions to face the contracts and negotiations complexities. During this phase, Planners and Partners will give the client the peace of mind that everything will be taken care of without compromising on quality and productivity.



coordinate and prepare the event budget

Whether big or small, every event needs a budget.  Setting the budget is one of the most important elements in the pre-event planning phase. A strong understanding of the event and its needs and building an analytic event budget will keep it under control and avoid going over budget.



plan and operate the daily event schedule

The work environment of meetings and events is also a source of stress. Armed with strong organizational skills, with a detail-oriented mind and respect for time and deadlines, Planners and Partners will plan and operate the different services of the daily event schedule to meet the client’s agenda, overseeing multiple operations and orchestrating several activities at once.