scope of services

social events


Planning social activities is an important and additional element for the success of an event and the key component to leave a positive impression among guests.


It provides a space for the attendees to gather and network in a fun and relaxed environment while being an entertainment tool for guests and employees. It also provides you with the opportunity of giving a corporate presentation, honoring your guests and rewarding your employees.   


Whether you decide to organize a simple lunch and dinner or go for an elegant cocktail reception and a formal gala dinner, Planners and Partners will help you plan it by saving your precious time and efforts and providing you with excellent customer service.





Planners and Partners will assist in:


  • Looking for the appropriate location, indoor or outdoor, be it a simple restaurant or a fancy ballroom, no matter how small or large the number of invitees is.

  • Looking for caterers and suppliers, creating menus and negotiating competitive prices.


  • Planning the seating, drawing floor plans with table shapes and sizes, placing names and cards on the tables.


  • Arranging the decoration of the venue to reflect the corporate image of the event, building the stage and equipping it with the adequate sound and lighting systems.


  • Printing invitation cards, table charts, flags with logos…and other necessary material.


  • Providing elegant hostesses with guest lists to welcome the guests and escort them to their seats. 


  • Creating an entertaining atmosphere with music, shows, singers, dancers or bands.    



Gala Dinner:
A social highlight of the event


Cocktail Reception:
An elegant way to welcome guests


Lunch and Dinner:
A rewarding way of entertaining attendees