scope of services

events setup


Planners and Partners organize and manage all the below services and will make sure that everything is ready for the commencement of the event.


We collaborate with professional contractors and designers with enough experience and creativity in designing exhibition stands, backdrops and will fulfill your desire to highlight your image and product visibility.


A wide scope of services, which are key elements in the success of any meeting or event, can be provided during the set up preparations; they include:



event setup

Locating the ideal site for the event. Employing this space for its unique requirements:


  • registration area
  • plenary sessions area
  • exhibition areas
  • dining areas
  • breakout rooms
  • VIP lounge
  • press room
  • coffee break areas
  • internet cafes
  • support staff area



establish the corporate event identity

Creating the event identity from logo to stage:


  • Event logo
  • Marketing brochures
  • Invitation cards
  • Advertising materials
  • Billboards and unipoles
  • Onsite visuals (banners, direction signs, maps)
  • Promotional material (bags, pens, trophies)
  • Badges
  • Exhibition floor plans
  • Registration desk
  • Stage and backdrop design and construction
  • Exhibitor booths
  • Event catalogue



onsite management

Managing your event and providing the necessary equipment:


  • Allocating the right space for each function (conference hall, exhibition area, registration desks, coffee breaks)
  • Audiovisuals (sound system, translation equipment, LCD projectors, plasma screens)
  • Registration system
  • Photocopy machines
  • Staffing (ushers, registration staff, IT support,  technicians, labor)
  • Room settings appropriate to the event, continuously updated (theater style, classroom style, half moon style)
  • Lighting system
  • Exhibition buildup
  • Flower arrangements