the added value


With all the stress and tension that modern life involves, people spend most of their daytime confined in offices behind desks executing tasks, following up on work over the phone or even wasting time in traffic between meetings.    

Most of the people attending business meetings or events have limited time or simply don’t get the chance to visit, discover and ‘live’ the destination where the event is taking place.

It is time to start thinking of changing our lifestyle by mixing leisure with business;  Planners and Partners will strive to provide attendees the opportunity to experience tourism, entertainment and activities which are an excellent source of energy and the best solution to relieve stress and refresh souls, minds and bodies.    

Going out in a guided bus tour to the most attractive archeological sites, checking out the local shops and boutiques, attending entertaining social activities, learning about the history of an area and making connections with locals; hiking in natural areas and exotic locations, and last but not least participating in outdoor activities, Planners and Partners will offer to its clients and their guests the best entertainment and adventure experience with a first-class treatment.